Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last night

I don't think I've ever been so nervous as I was last night,waiting for that storm system to pass.

I started getting calls around 6pm or so, everyone saying that the storms were nearing, and that they would hit after midnight.

Our whole area was under tornado watch until 2am, which then got extended until 8am. The storm cell that rolled through Alabama killing all of those people was frightfully close to us. The weatherman was coming onto the TV about every fifteen minutes with updates.

In the end, all we got was a thunderstorm, which wasn't so bad considering what happened to so many other people.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



It's never just a quick gank.

I should have known better to join a fleet so late, oi. But the call of the pew-pew, so very hard to resist.

My character got put on a list on the IGS (rp forum on the EVE boards) on some thread about capsuleer recognition. I find it a bit odd, I hardly ever post or read the IGS unless someone points me to it. I'm really not 'mainstream', I don't really have the desire to put myself out there. The IGS gives me a headach after so long. Someone posts, then it's followed by five pages of everyone else responding how wrong wrong wrong they are. I am content in my own little pocket of EVE, in Amarr/Minmatar FW.

I should, though, try to make more of an effort to at least read the IGS more often. When the KOTMC ball was announced, I had glanced at the forum then and noticed a post by Tigerfish. I had remembering meeting him once, a year prior. On an impulse, in character, Shalee mailed him to check up on him, etc.

So a new story arc spawned because of that, it should be interesting.