Saturday, May 21, 2011

No idea what to title this rambling as.

In a perfect EVE, I would love to see something done about FW. It has the potential to be something so spectacular but it's just left to die a slow death while we get SUPER PRETTY FACES to play with.

Okay, granted, I do enjoy emoing Shalee up from time to time, playing with hair colors, yada yada. But that's because I can, and in a perfect world I wouldn't give two fucks about the picture. I'd rather have improvements to gameplay.

I don't want to complain, because I still enjoy the game very much. I just wonder why they bother with things and then leave them to rot.

Secondly. I wish there were some kind of mechanic that enabled people to have smaller fights without the threat of being blobbed to hell. FW is supposed to help with that some, with the plexes allowing only certain sized ships.

But, I think they can do better. They could make some kind of site that would allow only 2 ships or 4 ships of a certain size. Once the requirements were met, the accel gate would shut down. That way players could have guaranteed 1 v 1 or small fights.

I know that part of EVE is the blob, it is unavoidable. And if you have X amount of pilots online who want in your fleet, then thats what you fly with, and hope that the other side can fleet up to match you.

I attempted to roam the other night with just 2 others, we were spread out among a few systems poking around, looking for a fight. I found a blob instead. Oh well, that was a great ten minutes. Back to ship spinning and rp.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stupid boys part two

Why are men so penis obsessed?


Sometimes I feel like I can't go one fleet without hearing about some one's dick. I think if there was a game mechanic that would let 'em jump through a gate cock-n-balls first they would. "I got balls, see?"


It's in local. It's on comms. It's in chat.

Everywhere, can't escape it.

And I know it's my own fault for playing a game with a ratio of 90% males. I get that. I know that guys just wanna be guys and be stupid and smack talk and obsess about their sausage and link pictures of girls with boobs hanging out all over the place.

But goddamn I do get tired of it sometimes.

Last night, for instance. Corp chat was a steady flow of links, and usually I click them because it's funny stuff, fukung or whatever. But last night it was tits after tits after tits. Bouncing ones and animated ones etc.

So I just started to link pics of really hot guys with their underwear tugged down suggestively, you know, cause why wouldn't they want to see THAT?! has a penis in the picture after all.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stupid boys

I feel like ranting. I'm just sick of boys who pretend to be girls on EVE. You're fucking up the game for those of us who really are female.

So heres the thing.

If someone on EVE claims to be a female IRL but does not get on a mic to prove it, and no I don't mean on EVE voice where it can be altered (like that one whacko from militia), then guess what?

It's not a real girl.

I don't care who says it is, if they don't prove it, then its some dude pretending to be a girl.

But why?

Well, many reasons. Some boys are stupid. Really, really stupid.

They want you to think they are a girl because:

1. You will give them stuff.
2. They are just trolling everyone.
3. They are an rper who is rping for cybersex and there wanking off.

Stop believing 'I dont have a mic' or 'Im shy' or 'I have a social disorder that doesnt allow me to talk on the mic but I can rp sex scenes and take it up the ass'.

Just stop it already.

And if you're one of these nasty little boys who are doing this? Stop. If you really want to be a girl, make a doctors appointment and wack your willy off.

It just pisses me off that people do this. Oh, and this is a good one too. I CANT TALK ON A MIC BUT HERES A NAKED PIC OF ME.


And boys fall for it every. fucking. day.

'But so-and-so knows them, so it must be a girl.'

So-and-so is lying too. Perhaps, just perhaps, So-and-so IS the (pretend) girl. Ponder that, please.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Why am I addicted to 'Dancing With the Stars'?

For some reason I've started watching it. I usually dislike reality shows. Or so I thought. After that, I watched 'The Voice'. Another reality/gameshow kind of thing. I think I'll be hooked on it too.

In EVE news. So I googled Shalee Lianne the other day at work, bored, and because I'm a total noob and that's how I find my blog (at work anyhow). There are the usual pages of the name on various kill boards.

....and then.

There's a bit of RP I did with someone, on a sex blog that has nothing to do with EVE. (don't click that link if you are at work or have kids around)

I giggled.

I lost a slicer last night but it was worth it. We had a few engagements with the Mims in frigs & destroyers. Usually I whine about frigs but I kind of wish we would get back to smaller sized fleets like that. They are much more affordable and it's more involving. What I mean by that. Say we start out with the usual BC & down fleet. We have to wait at least 20 mins for everyone to get ready. Then there is the time we spend waiting for the fight, usually at some safe or hanging around on a gate by which point I'm already distracted with something else and only half paying attention. Then we might get a fight or, OR, we get intel that they are in battleships so now we got to ship up. So now it's battleships with possible hot drops. Le sigh.

But! In frigs it's much more fast paced. We cover lots more territory simply because we are lighter and faster. And you have to be a better pilot in a frig. You have to free fly and get the mother fucking point already and hold it and not die.

It's much more exhilarating, I think.

Need moar frig fleets plz.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Randomly I decided to goth up Shalee.