Tuesday, April 5, 2011



It's never just a quick gank.

I should have known better to join a fleet so late, oi. But the call of the pew-pew, so very hard to resist.

My character got put on a list on the IGS (rp forum on the EVE boards) on some thread about capsuleer recognition. I find it a bit odd, I hardly ever post or read the IGS unless someone points me to it. I'm really not 'mainstream', I don't really have the desire to put myself out there. The IGS gives me a headach after so long. Someone posts, then it's followed by five pages of everyone else responding how wrong wrong wrong they are. I am content in my own little pocket of EVE, in Amarr/Minmatar FW.

I should, though, try to make more of an effort to at least read the IGS more often. When the KOTMC ball was announced, I had glanced at the forum then and noticed a post by Tigerfish. I had remembering meeting him once, a year prior. On an impulse, in character, Shalee mailed him to check up on him, etc.

So a new story arc spawned because of that, it should be interesting.

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