Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I think I watch too many movies and read too many books. I'm constantly lost in some kind of story somehow, even if it's just in my own mind.

I think that I do that with EvE too. I turn the people into characters in my mind, even if they aren't roleplayers.

My corp is the Knighthood, and so in my mind, I've automatically turned the players into gallant knights of old. Noble and self-sacrificing warriors.

And the villans are just merely misunderstood men who are fighting for their own cause.

I think that is my biggest problem with EvE. I expect the boys to act like real men, to live up to this fantasy I have in my head. I cast them into the role of some warrior as if they were the hero in some kind of romance novel or some historical movie.

I guess that's why I'm always disappointed when I see smack talking or vulgarity. It breaks the illusion I have of them, its a reminder that they really aren't men. Just boys with vulgar mouths.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Those trolls

Sitting in Huola and in comes a noob toon that is obvious alt of one of our corp war targets.
Obviously the guy wouldn't come in his toon I'm at war with (afraid?)
Anyhow, so I'm the only KOTMC pilot in local and since there's no one else to troll, he starts.
I've been on EvE long enough that this pathetic attempts for attention does absolutely nothing but make me roll my eyes.
But, it got me to thinking.
What would prompt someone to be so nasty and absurd to a girl they don't even know?
I think the most obvious answer is that some guys probably have some kind of rage against women because they don't have one, have been rejected by too many, or are just homo's who wish they were women.
Whatever the case may be, that rage is then projected into a game, onto females they don't even know.
Sad really. It's like a pathetic way to rage against girls, saying all the things they wish they could in real life.
You know what I mean?
I feel more sorry for them than anything.


Abeer > gf
2nice4u > gf
Tristan Morse > gf
Jackman2232 >
VirtualHotrod > Don Radke large pirate fleet on other side of gate
Don Radke > thanks for the info
Don Radke > *gets off gate*
Shalee Lianne > lol
SAEGER1337 > Shalee is gonna die... in a very large barrage of autocannon fire one day
Shalee Lianne > shaddup
SAEGER1337 > no
SAEGER1337 > you ran in your abaddon
SAEGER1337 > and you ran away in your battlecruiser
Shalee Lianne > do you know how pathetic it is to trash talk over a game? do you have nothing else in your life, really? poor thing
SAEGER1337 > do I care what you even say?
Shalee Lianne > good, dont. now leave me alone, stalker
Kenzore > lol sais the lil 4 day old guy :P
SAEGER1337 > I don't read really anything you say
Kenzore > if you wana talk talk with your guns sae
Kenzore > thought so :]
SAEGER1337 > noob shut up and stay out of this
SAEGER1337 > this is between and the ugly chick that kinda looks like a man
SAEGER1337 > KoTMC is losing to a Corp a 1/3 of it's size.... that's pathetic
SAEGER1337 > eran mintor must love being podded
SAEGER1337 > almity loves losing battleships.... especially Abaddons
SAEGER1337 > and Shalee is a Coward that runs away from fighting when her friends are dying she runs away
Shalee Lianne > *yawn* you are boring
SAEGER1337 > I think all of amarr is a bunch of cowards
SAEGER1337 > shalee your boring you never leave station
Shalee Lianne > killmails say otherwise. and this is the last thing im saying to you, I dont play feed-the-troll-game :)
SAEGER1337 > Predator elite not around to protect you
SAEGER1337 > you never come after us... and when you do you leave before the fight is even decided...
SAEGER1337 > and all your killmails seem to be like 10+ people in your fleet kills... you can't kill anything without back up
SAEGER1337 > your successfully an Amarr Noob
SAEGER1337 > just like the rest of KoTMC
SAEGER1337 > you've unleashed a cave Troll Shalee I'll be looking for you on my killmail Cya around you ugly tranny

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Drop your dress a little bit and see your boobies"

Random web surfing today and read/saw this.

Absolutely adorable.

Apparently men never tire of boobs, even when they are 87.

Friday, September 2, 2011

New hair.

I haven't posted here in foreverrrrrr.

Anyhow. New Shalee pic,

Just trying it out.