Wednesday, November 30, 2011

About last night...

I'm currently sore at the Minmatar Militia.

I totally get the numbers game. We have more, or yall have more. And you cannot really tell people 'well no you can't fleet with us because they only have so many.'

I get that.

But when we commit to fighting at a disadvantage already with numbers, when we go ahead and take that fight, it's poor sportsmanship to then be hotdropped.

I don't get the overkill. What's the point?

As some of the Euro FCs will say, it's pure faggotry.

So yeah, I wont be engaging in anymore BCs fights, I'm not even going to replace my abaddon I think, what's the point?

And fuck, I used to love battleship fights the most, it was my absolute favorite. But not anymore. It's ruined cause SOME people have to show their epeens. Poor guys.

I get it. You have a big ship. Compensating.

So yeah, today I'm still not over it and hate all the Minmatar, except for Kuan Yida. He has immunity.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why We Left KOTMC

To understand why KOTMC ended, you need to know how it began.

In 2010, I decided to leave my first corp on EVE, PIE, largely because of two reasons. I wanted the freedom to roleplay with who I wanted and where I wanted, and secondly, because I needed the freedom to write what I wanted without being censored.

For those who aren't familiar with PIE, it is an Amarrian 'RP' FW corp. Their defination of roleplay vastly disagreed with my own. PIE was a corp that considered saying 'sir' in corp chat rp. I craved the more indepth, character driven rp. I wanted stories with conflict, they for the most part, did not.

PIE forbade interaction with anyone unsavory. That meant no rp with pirates or reds, or going to any place with them present. The most interesting places at the time were pirate bars which were on the no-go list.

And right before I left, I was told there was a discussion about my rp blog, that it was about to be censored.

PIE was a great corporation, and still is- it just wasn't a good match for me. I needed more freedom.

I decided to leave and one of my 'wingmen', Aldrith, decided to go as well. He used the opportunity to start his own corporation and at the time I had only two requests of him. Let me write what I want and let me rp how I want.

He agreed, and KOTMC was born.

We poured our hearts into building the new corp and it became rather successful, I think. We picked up a great many people who would shape and re-define what KOTMC was, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

Anyhow, fastforward.

The problems began when a couple of players decided they didn't like how I was roleplaying my character, and instead of coming to me directly about it, they went to other members of the corp behind my back to try and get me demoted from my position (btw my position was nebulous, something along the lines of a director/co-ceo).

The other members told me and Aldrith and that probably was the begining of the ending- though we didn't know it at the time.

I forgave the two who lobbied against me (one had left corp, the other had been demoted) and things seemed to straighten out for a while.

Eventually we invited the other one back to corp.

Several months pass without much ado until one random night, I take my character into our corp rp channel to rp.

Those two were there. Their characters seemed awfully strange and I got a bad vibe about the whole scene.

At first I thought I was just being paranoid, so I brought it up in our Director's channel asking what they thought.

Aldrith said I should talk to them, that something was off. I told him I'd rather we talk to them instead of doing it alone, but he insisted.

Upon Aldrith's request, I opened up a convo with the two. One of them accepted, the other denied it. I thought it was a mistake and asked in corp chat for them to join convo. They told me no, that they didn't have to.

In any other corp if a member blatantly told a Director no, they would be kicked on spot. I pointed that out in corp chat and apparently saying that hurt some people's feelings, they thought I was wrong to 'play the director's card'.

Instead of working things out, she logged off.

Okay fine.

Still a bit confused by everything, I find out that those two members were in a private channel with some other roleplayers and corp members and frequently would bring up my rp.

I didn't have a problem with someone not liking how I roleplayed my character, but I did expect a certain amount of respect, especially after I had forgiven them the first time for everything.

After reading logs of that channel, I decided I could no longer stay in a corporation with them. I couldn't believe some of the things I read (slut/whore/cunt), and was the end of what I could tolerate.

I can overlook a lot of things, but at the same time, is it so wrong to expect common decency?

I had had enough.

After dropping roles, I went to bed, and the next day read the corp forums. A lot of people were upset, naturally. At that point I made a post saying that I'd stay on a few conditions: that Eran and I be publically recognized as Co-Ceo's since we were already doing the majority of the corp work, that those two involved be booted out of the corp, and that they be kicked out of the corp rp channel along with another non-corp member who was badmouthing me.

Aldrith denied my request.

I left.

Others followed, and we created Imperial Outlaws.

The new corp will focus more on pvp and less on roleplay.

Aldrith decided to take a break from EvE and he shut down the corp & rp channel.

I don't have any ill will against those who were involved, after all, it's just a game.

But I'm happy with the new corp, I'm happy to be in a place where I can trust my corp mates.