Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Machariel slain in Shalee's honor! not really. But I'm pretending OKAY.

Baha's Machariel died today. Pred mailed me the KM. We've been after that thing for a while now.

Hope everyone is having a lovely, lovely day.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Listen, do you want to know a secret...

...thats lyrics to a song btw. I just heard it earlier, a Beatles song. It's sort of stuck in my head.

Anyhow. Things to talk about! I has them.

I didn't submit to the Silver contest. I just could not get the story right, no matter how I tried. I will enter next time though, if there is a next time, dammit.

I'm making a new roleplay channel called Huola Haze. The setting is the 24th station in Huola. It just makes sense I think, because Shalee spends a lot of time there, as do a lot of other people. Can't wait to rp there! I am determined to turn more FW people into rpers *nods*. It will happen.

I've been seeing Lukka on the billboards! It's so crazy, just randomly be flying somewhere and there he is! The first time was hilarious, I was in a small militia fleet and was like 'OMG THERES LUKKA' over comms and everyone thought I meant in space and they were like 'wtf where!'. haha.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

la la la

I started the story. I think I'm halfway finished with it, around 1600 words, though it needs a lot more.

I'm not sure if I'm happy with it, I don't know. Tonight I'll re-read it and decide. I think I have way too much going on with it. I dunno.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I really do think I have ADD sometimes.

I start off with an idea of what I'm going to do and end up doing a thousand different other things instead.

Tonight I just want to write the story for Silver's contest already. But an hour and a half later, I haven't written the first word. It's been a constant stream of, -IM! chat chat chat. Blogs! READ TEH BLOGS NOW! Ouu! America's Top Model is on! Phone is chirping away, ignore? No could be important! text text text. Did I charge my Nook? Read that last chapter. Paint the nails! No no, wait til later.

By the way. Fleeting and painting nails go together like peanut butter and jelly. I dunno why, I guess sometimes I just got to do something while waiting for the fleet to rally. Or wait for the enemy to engage, etc.

Anyway. Japan.

The Red Cross allows you to text REDCROSS 90999 to donate 10 dollars for Japan. And a friend is offering this:

Wes says:
Well, you know I own an Amway-affiliated business...
This week, Amway announced that they would be collecting donations for the Red Cross relief fund for Japan and matching contributions (up to $250,000). I decided to kick it up a notch and match any donations made through my personal website (up to $500).
So, I'm encouraging folks to drop by and contribute before the deadline (March 21) to effectively quadruple their contributions (I match your donation. Amway matches us both).
melly says:
oh wow thats awesome
Wes says:
If you're willing to help out, just go to the site and enter "Red Cross" in the search box. You'll have the option of making a donation in $10 or $25 increments (change the quantity to donate more).
...and feel free to spread the word to anyone you know. It's a limited-time program.

Monday, March 14, 2011


The other day someone was telling me (Toc? I think) that they heard my blog mentioned on a podcast. At first I assumed it was James plugging me somewhere, but no! It was randomly on a podcast by people I do not even know. Weird huh. I'm totally EvE famous. Totally. /giggle

So now I'm compelled to like, listen to all of their podcasts. I'm thinking of making a little section on my RP blog with links to the various EVE podcasts too, just to remind myself to listen to them.

To all of you people who keep asking me if I'm going to update the blog anytime soon....yesssssssss. Yes I am. I have a few things that I need to write. For the RP blog and then theres a story that I'm working on for Silvernight's writing contest. I have the general idea of it, just need to get it completely sorted in my mind before I write it. Then I have a few things for Sov Wars to do as well. Always something...

Monday, March 7, 2011

New blog & why I love Lukka :)

Huzzah, new blog. Last winter I had started an OOC blog but closed it after a week or two because it became a little creepy when people I did not know started to discuss my IRL, taking snipets from it and pasting them in local.

So yeah, new blog with new rules. Mostly this will be just about EVE, but OOC. For you non-rpers, that means out of character. My original blog will still be in character, story form, or whatever.

A few people have asked why I have Lukka on my bio, and well, love him or hate him, I really don't care, I think he is great.

Okay, granted, he shows no mercy in game. He will shoot & pod anyone given the opportunity, myself included probably (if I gave him the chance :P). But, the thing is, why shouldn't he? His character is a pirate. Even if he doesn't RP per se, (yet, cause I'm so whining to get him to rp. It worked on Pred! Do not underestimate the power of my whine) he still is a pirate in game.

He is in low sec, usually in Amamake for god's sake, pirate haven. Why people go to Amamake and then emo out about getting sniped by a pirate is beyond me. EvE itself is a risky game. Low sec, even more so.

Anyhow, I met Lukka back when he started camping the 24th in Huola months ago. Of course Huola is my home system and I felt obligated to try to stop him. So for days, I'd get people to undock to guard the station from him. Counter camping. He found it amusing, I think.

During that time we started chatting in local. Sometimes I'd private convo him.

What I love about him is that he doesn't take the game serious.

When some people were harassing me in local, I complained to him and he made me realize that I was taking things entirely too serious and that I needed to back off and stop letting things get to me emotionally. He pointed out the obvious, basically. Sometimes I think we all need that, a reminder that it is just a game and that stupid little taunts from pubescent little boys shouldn't bother me at all. Not like they know me.

Anyhow. That is why I love Lukka.

Lukka has his own blog, check it out here.