Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Local chatter.

Deaths Knight > i undocked zoomed in to the station
Deaths Knight > i couldnt right click anywhere...
Manos Kdo > yeh you just kept drifitng
failpirate > oh that's the worst
Muad 'dib > incarna worst patch eva.
Galdornae > yeah
Deaths Knight > ya. kinda anooing
Deaths Knight > however the fuck you spell it
Deaths Knight > lol
failpirate > the 'spam warp but don't go anywhere' is a crappy way to get podded too
Muad 'dib > annoying you spell "deaths knight"
Galdornae > my favorite part about the patch is how ccp likes yo keep you from stopping ship
Muad 'dib > oh yeah thats a real peach
failpirate > ah yes, that's a good one too
Muad 'dib > i got windows flying all over the place wen i key up to talk
Muad 'dib > thats fun too
Lord Morgo > the click on anything to lock it bug is awesomeness too
Muad 'dib > yeah nice client side lag now
Lord Morgo > my poor pods
Muad 'dib > oh and actually the best one, is scrams and pionts not always working
Muad 'dib > thats great that =/
Lord Morgo > 13 mill a time :ccp:
68RIno > lol
68RIno > beast thrasher u got there
Deaths Knight > where is this thrasher?
68RIno > in space
TitusBrutusVictor > the thrasher is a lie
failpirate > :O
EVE System > Channel changed to Huola Local Channel


  1. Wait, that guy's complaining about a 13 mil clone? I kinda feel sorry for him! Or would if every time I lost a clone it didn't cost me over 30 mil plus implants. Least ye low sec folks can align and warp out. We just get bubbled by dictors and slaughtered by smart bombs... Grrrrrrr, end rant.

    The 'Bittervet' Torpedo :)

  2. Align and warp out doesn't always work anymore. Hence my grumbling.


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