Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I think I watch too many movies and read too many books. I'm constantly lost in some kind of story somehow, even if it's just in my own mind.

I think that I do that with EvE too. I turn the people into characters in my mind, even if they aren't roleplayers.

My corp is the Knighthood, and so in my mind, I've automatically turned the players into gallant knights of old. Noble and self-sacrificing warriors.

And the villans are just merely misunderstood men who are fighting for their own cause.

I think that is my biggest problem with EvE. I expect the boys to act like real men, to live up to this fantasy I have in my head. I cast them into the role of some warrior as if they were the hero in some kind of romance novel or some historical movie.

I guess that's why I'm always disappointed when I see smack talking or vulgarity. It breaks the illusion I have of them, its a reminder that they really aren't men. Just boys with vulgar mouths.

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  1. There are (ahem) still gentlemen warriors in EvE :)


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