Wednesday, November 30, 2011

About last night...

I'm currently sore at the Minmatar Militia.

I totally get the numbers game. We have more, or yall have more. And you cannot really tell people 'well no you can't fleet with us because they only have so many.'

I get that.

But when we commit to fighting at a disadvantage already with numbers, when we go ahead and take that fight, it's poor sportsmanship to then be hotdropped.

I don't get the overkill. What's the point?

As some of the Euro FCs will say, it's pure faggotry.

So yeah, I wont be engaging in anymore BCs fights, I'm not even going to replace my abaddon I think, what's the point?

And fuck, I used to love battleship fights the most, it was my absolute favorite. But not anymore. It's ruined cause SOME people have to show their epeens. Poor guys.

I get it. You have a big ship. Compensating.

So yeah, today I'm still not over it and hate all the Minmatar, except for Kuan Yida. He has immunity.


  1. Why can't they just be classy like us Intaki gents?

  2. I've got a big ship. You should come over to my CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS so we can practice some piloting maneuvers.


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