Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Listen, do you want to know a secret...

...thats lyrics to a song btw. I just heard it earlier, a Beatles song. It's sort of stuck in my head.

Anyhow. Things to talk about! I has them.

I didn't submit to the Silver contest. I just could not get the story right, no matter how I tried. I will enter next time though, if there is a next time, dammit.

I'm making a new roleplay channel called Huola Haze. The setting is the 24th station in Huola. It just makes sense I think, because Shalee spends a lot of time there, as do a lot of other people. Can't wait to rp there! I am determined to turn more FW people into rpers *nods*. It will happen.

I've been seeing Lukka on the billboards! It's so crazy, just randomly be flying somewhere and there he is! The first time was hilarious, I was in a small militia fleet and was like 'OMG THERES LUKKA' over comms and everyone thought I meant in space and they were like 'wtf where!'. haha.


  1. Don't let Nano in. Vordak *might* be OK but he's, gosh, I think only 17?!

  2. Kuan you have to come rp with me k!

  3. I want to visit Huola! Since I'm already dead, it shouldn't be too risky for me.


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