Monday, March 14, 2011


The other day someone was telling me (Toc? I think) that they heard my blog mentioned on a podcast. At first I assumed it was James plugging me somewhere, but no! It was randomly on a podcast by people I do not even know. Weird huh. I'm totally EvE famous. Totally. /giggle

So now I'm compelled to like, listen to all of their podcasts. I'm thinking of making a little section on my RP blog with links to the various EVE podcasts too, just to remind myself to listen to them.

To all of you people who keep asking me if I'm going to update the blog anytime soon....yesssssssss. Yes I am. I have a few things that I need to write. For the RP blog and then theres a story that I'm working on for Silvernight's writing contest. I have the general idea of it, just need to get it completely sorted in my mind before I write it. Then I have a few things for Sov Wars to do as well. Always something...

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  1. I think the specific mention of your blog is here:


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