Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stupid boys

I feel like ranting. I'm just sick of boys who pretend to be girls on EVE. You're fucking up the game for those of us who really are female.

So heres the thing.

If someone on EVE claims to be a female IRL but does not get on a mic to prove it, and no I don't mean on EVE voice where it can be altered (like that one whacko from militia), then guess what?

It's not a real girl.

I don't care who says it is, if they don't prove it, then its some dude pretending to be a girl.

But why?

Well, many reasons. Some boys are stupid. Really, really stupid.

They want you to think they are a girl because:

1. You will give them stuff.
2. They are just trolling everyone.
3. They are an rper who is rping for cybersex and there wanking off.

Stop believing 'I dont have a mic' or 'Im shy' or 'I have a social disorder that doesnt allow me to talk on the mic but I can rp sex scenes and take it up the ass'.

Just stop it already.

And if you're one of these nasty little boys who are doing this? Stop. If you really want to be a girl, make a doctors appointment and wack your willy off.

It just pisses me off that people do this. Oh, and this is a good one too. I CANT TALK ON A MIC BUT HERES A NAKED PIC OF ME.


And boys fall for it every. fucking. day.

'But so-and-so knows them, so it must be a girl.'

So-and-so is lying too. Perhaps, just perhaps, So-and-so IS the (pretend) girl. Ponder that, please.


  1. I'm confused about how this is a problem for those who really are female. I mean, I understand your point about most female characters being guys behind the keyboard, but that doesn't mean they can't be equally decent IC friends as real girls.

    While I'd prefer people be honest, if they're going to chat OOC at all, I don't see how it diminishes the game for real girls.

  2. It gives real girls a bad name when these pretenders are out there mooching off of men, getting whatever they can, so people automatically think all girls on EVE are out to play a guy for stuff.

  3. Looks like a comment of SL went missing...

    Anyway: At least nowadays there is voice chat to verify the other person's gender - in the good old days of text MUDs you just had to take the other person's word for what it was (namely electrons).

    But I would posit that the really stupid boys are those _falling_ for the "I'm a girl - pamper me!" routine. Without those, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

  4. Well thats really odd. My comment is gone?

    Anyhow, yeah.

    I really don't mind who a person is OOC, it doesn't really affect my RP, girl or guy.

    Rp is rp.

    The reason I was so annoyed is that I think someone was pretending to be a young female OOC to garner OOC sympathy about an RP situation that they put themselves in.

    They were acting like a victim, but I just don't buy it.

    Anyhow, the drama lama gods were fed over it.

  5. 'I have a social disorder that doesnt allow me to talk on the mic but I can rp sex scenes and take it up the ass'.

    I lol'd. Don't whack mah WILLY off!

  6. From Amamake local tonight.. seemed apropos:

    [ 2011.05.16 06:11:26 ] Zareen Cypress > yea im a chick in real life lol
    [ 2011.05.16 06:26:00 ] Jude Lloyd > i gave you 5mil
    [ 2011.05.16 06:26:07 ] Lukka > lol sucker
    [ 2011.05.16 06:26:20 ] Zareen Cypress > ?..really..i didnt get mail..let me check lol
    [ 2011.05.16 06:26:34 ] Zareen Cypress > ooohh snap..there it is lol
    [ 2011.05.16 06:27:04 ] Zareen Cypress > wow thanks cutie thats awasome!!!

  7. oh lord. some people.

    Btw, Lukka♥


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