Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another rant.

But before I do. I dreamed that Kreiga from PIE was an emo rock star who wore bad make up and was on this Aussie talk show. And I was all like, omg I know that guy. And he was whining about no one takes him serious because he really wants to be a psychologist.

Weird, right?

Anyhow, on to the rant.

Being podded.

From my understanding, the way to not get podded is to select something far away, align, and spam the fuck out of warp, continuously. You don't wait til you're in structure, you do it long before then.

It has worked every single time since I've learned how to do it.

On Feb 19th, it did not work and I got podded. It was laggy to hell. I petitioned, got my implants back. Not a big deal.

Before that, I did a podding for RP purposes, so I don't even count that since it was on purpose.

So I've not really been podded due to my own fault since September of last year.

I really don't get podded all that often in comparison to how much I PVP.

So all of a sudden I get podded twice in eight days. I petitioned the first one and they said there was no lag. This being on the day that I was stuck on the Sarum Prime Star gate for 20 minutes before the game shut down completely for 20 minutes. The day was laggy as fuck. I wrote back and asked them if they even played the game. Smart ass I know, but still.

Then last night, Eran and I were fucking around warp scrambling each other in a plex that we had closed with some other people. The Minmatar warped in, we were on the warp in and yeah, I knew I was going to die. It was a shitty omen, I didn't really care. So I'm aligning and spamming to warp out like usual, but this time it doesn't work. It's like there's not even time between the explosion and waking up in a clone vat.

So the irritating thing is, if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and it doesn't work and there's a considerable loss (implants), then I'm not really all that inspired to play a broken fucked up game.

Yeah, I'm annoyed.

It's one thing when the players are trying to fuck you over, but it's a whole other thing when it comes from CCP, people I pay money to.

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  1. Okies, so in order to try and cheer you up a little, here's a joke that's almost as old as Tigerfish:

    Q: How many CCP GM's does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: Zero! The reason why? The logs show that there's no fault and the bulb is working as intended!

    On a more serious note, getting podded is part of being a combat pilot. The pod you lost last week was to a Dramiel - and if he was running a sensor booster (and getting gang bonuses) he can easily achieve a scan res' of well over a thousand. For several months last year I only flew a Dramiel, and with a little experience I could lock pods in 0.6 of a second. Regardless of the near instant align time on your pod, it'll still take a second to kick in once your ship explodes...

    You should feel sorry for us 0.0 pilots - losing pods, implants and bounties whilst trapped in damned bubbles!


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