Wednesday, June 15, 2011


EVE was such a wretched place last night. Our fleet took a trip down to Gallente space and during our engagement with the frenchies we started having lag issues.

One gazillion jumps back to Amarr took even longer than usual because of lag. Once I got to Amarr, I sat on the Sarum Prime gate for fifteen minutes or more (traffic jam?), then EVE shut down for half an hour at least.

Did a small 3man (well 2 men & lady? lol) roam with Jodie as our FC, and I was soooooooo excited to be flying under Jodie (legendary!).

We go all over the warzone, one million places. Get back to Huola and that is where we get our fight. (blobbed) And my stupid assed game lagged. As soon as I hit structure I was aligned out and spamming the warp button, I should have easily made it out of that, but no. No no no, I end up in Amarr, new clone.

FOUR people got on my pod mail. How fucked up is that?

So of course I petitioned, and if I don't get my implants back imma emo rage quit, or something. Go dance on a mailbox in WOW.

And I was all sadface to be PODDED in my first fleet with Jodie. Grr.

To any Minmatar who is reading this. I want my corpse back :P

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