Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sekrit Admirer, jealousssssssss

Good day, Miss Lianne,

I know you do not know who I am, but I am stationed as an observer in Huola and am very familiar with you. I'm a distant admirerer of your work in The Bleak Lands and the surrounding warzone and saw early this morning you got podded. I happen to know that you were carrying low grade slaves in your head at the time which aren't something easily seperated from.

Please accept this as a token of my appreciation for all your hard work. [Multiple Items] (Item Exchange)

Fly safe, Deadly One.


A mystery! Someone bought me a new low grade slave set. But I don't know who it is! (thank you very much, if you're reading this)

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  1. I'm about half as awesome as Shalee and about 1/3 as pretty. Any chance this mystery Santa will hook a brother up proportionally?


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